Wednesday, September 7, 2016

T5W: 5 Book Characters I'd Want as a Family

Top 5 Wednesday

This was a surprisingly hard topic - I can think of quite a few book characters I'd like to have as boyfriends - but characters I'd want as part of my family? That was a bit tough. So is it any surprise the majority of my picks are from Harry Potter?

In no particular order:

5) Jo March from Little Women - Sister
Image result for jo little women

We all know that Jo is the best character from Little Women - she's smart, bookish, and playful. She's the character I'm most like so it would be nice to have a sister who I could talk about books with - then again we might be too similar and would just end up competing with each other.

4) Amy Dunne from Gone Girl - Aunt
Image result for amy dunne

Okay, hear me out on this one - if Amy Dunne was your aunt and somebody fucked with you, you know she would take care of it. And by take care of it I mean murder the bastard. The only downside would be that if you crossed her, you'd end up in a ditch somewhere with your brains blown out. Still, having Aunt Amy around is bound to have its perks. 

3) Dumbledore from Harry Potter - Grandfather
Image result for dumbledore

I feel like if Dumbledore was my grandfather, he would amuse me as a kid with simple magic tricks like conjuring up bubbles that never popped or making my teddy bear sing to me. Then, as I got older he would pass on his words of wisdom whenever I got into trouble. Plus, he would have a never-ending supply of sherbet lemons. 

2) Remus Lupin and Sirius Black from Harry Potter - Uncles
Image result for remus lupin sirius black

This pair would be such great uncles - Uncle Sirius would be the fun one and levitate the kids off the roof while Uncle Remus would be the slightly anxious one and be the one the kids went to when they inevitably got hurt. And yes, in my scenario, they are a couple.

1) Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter - Brothers
Image result for fred and george weasley

I've never known what it's like to have a brother and I think having the Weasley twins as older brothers would be such a blast! Of course, they would probably tease me a lot and play pranks on me all the time but they'd also be really protective and have my back when I really needed them.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TTT: Top 10 Books I Wish Would Be Made into TV Shows

In celebration of all the new fall shows about to debut, this week's TTT is all about TV. I don't really watch a lot of TV..or at least, I try not to. I am guilty of binge-watching the occasional show on Netflix. (Did you guys see Stranger Things? It's incredible!) So my list is all about the books I want to see on the small screen. In no particular order (except for #1 because it is my actual #1 pick): 

10) Fables comic book series
Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile

This amazing comic book series is about fairy-tale characters living in exile in modern-day New York City and trying to get back to their homeland. I think it was greenlit at one point to be made into a TV series but it never got off the ground. 

9) Saga comic book series
Saga, Volume 1

Another amazing comic book series, Saga is an epic space opera that also incorporates elements of fantasy. Two people on opposing sides of an intergalactic war fall in love, have a child together, and go on the run. If ever adapted for television, I feel it would be right at home on the Syfy channel.

8) The Drakon series by Shana Abe
The Smoke Thief (Drakon #1)

An historical fantasy romance series about a race of shape-shifting dragon people called the Drakon. While Shana Abe did a brilliant job with the books, I feel like a television series could really expand the world and give it a kind of Game of Thrones feel to it - while still focusing on the romantic aspect. 

7) The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey
The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)

Yes, it was already adapted to the big screen and, while it wasn't a bad film, I feel The 5th Wave might gain a bigger audience with a TV series. 

6) Salem's Lot by Stephen King
'Salem's Lot

Salem's Lot has actually been adapted a couple of different times into miniseries and made-for-TV movies - but none of them have gotten this terrifying vampire novel quite right. Now, in this golden age of television, I feel like it could be perfected. 

5) The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
The Shining Girls

The Shining Girls is about a serial killer who can travel through time and one of his would-be victims who seeks revenge. It is one of my favorite books of all time and I think it would make an incredible mini-series. Netflix would probably do it justice.(It looks like it's being adapted for film, but I think it would work better as a TV series.) 

4) Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead
Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series would make for incredibly fun, soapy, dramatic television. It's too bad the film bombed because it's unlikely they'll try to adapt it again on the small screen. Then again, it worked for The Mortal Instruments...

3) Beauty and the Beast 
Beauty and the Beast

Okay, this one is going to take a bit of explaining: A few years ago, around the time when The CW was set to release their Beauty and the Beast show, another network announced plans for a different Beauty and the Beast show, one that would have more of an 'epic fantasy' feel to it. I was SO STOKED for this show...but it never saw the light of day and I have no idea what happened to it. I can't even remember what network it was supposed to be on. A Beauty and the Beast show with an epic fantasy flair? I would watch  the shit out of that! Sadly it wasn't to be and I have to content myself with the upcoming release of the live-action Disney remake coming out next year. (Which I am so excited for!!) Who knows? Maybe the movie will spark an appetite for Beauty and the Beast stories and someone will develop a new show...

2) A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)

Well, speaking of epic fantasy with a Beauty and the Beast feel to it...I definitely want to see an adaptation of ACOTAR at some point but I'm torn. I don't know if it would make a better movie or TV series. Can I have both? 

1) Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

Is anyone surprised that this is my #1 pick? The Harry Potter series needs to be adapted for television, like, yesterday. Of course, no adaptation will ever live up to the original book series and the movies will always have a special place in my heart, but the HP books would be perfect as a television series. And it wouldn't have to end with adapting the seven books - they could have spin-offs about the Marauders and the four Hogwarts founders, and Dumbledore's early years...there's just so much potential!

What books do you want to see adapted to the small screen?

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Monday, September 5, 2016

New Releases: September 2016

Sept. 6

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas
Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

The Throne of Glass Coloring Book by Sarah J. Maas
The Throne of Glass Coloring Book

Genre: Fantasy Coloring Book

Leave Me by Gayle Forman
Leave Me

Genre: Contemporary Adult Fiction

Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland
Our Chemical Hearts

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

As Old As Time (Twisted Tales #3) by Liz Braswell
As Old as Time (A Twisted Tale, #3)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich
And the Trees Crept In

Genre: Horror

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World  by Ann Shen
Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World

Genre: Non Fiction-History

Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939
Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939

Genre: Non Fiction-Biography

How This Book was Made by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Adam Rex
How This Book Was Made

Genre: Children's Picture Books/Humor

Sept. 13

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
The Underground Railroad

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Reader (Sea of Ink and Gold #1) by Traci Chee
The Reader (Sea of Ink and Gold, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea by Sungju Lee, Susan Elizabeth McClelland
Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea

Genre: Memoir

Sept. 20

Three Dark Crowns (Untitled #1) by Kendare Blake
Three Dark Crowns (Untitled, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3) by Sara Raasch
Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes, #3)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire #1) by Jessica Cluess
A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow #1) by Danielle Paige
Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter
Vassa in the Night

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis
The Female of the Species

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd (Flavia de Luce #8) by Alan Bradley
Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd (Flavia de Luce, #8)

Genre: Mystery

The Queen of Blood (The Queens of Renthia #1) by Sarah Beth Durst
The Queen of Blood  (The Queens of Renthia, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Death's End (Remembrance of Earth's Past #3) by Liu Cixin
Death's End

Genre: Science Fiction

Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel
Every Hidden Thing

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Sept. 27

Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo
Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

The Fever Code (The Maze Runner #0.6) by James Dashner
The Fever Code (The Maze Runner, #0.6)

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (Untitled #1) by Rosamund Hodge
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (Untitled, #1)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Like a River Glorious (The Gold Seer Trilogy #2) by Rae Carson
Like a River Glorious (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #2)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Time Travel: A History by James Gleick
Time Travel

Genre: Science

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Suicide Reviews: The Last Star (The 5th Wave #3) by Rick Yancey

 The Last Star (The 5th Wave, #3)

Summary: The enemy is Other. The enemy is us. They're down here, they're up there, they're nowhere. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us. 

But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. Zombie. Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves. In these last days, Earth's remaining survivors will need to decide what's more important: saving themselves...or saving what makes us human.

Date Published: May 24, 2016
Published By: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Number of Pages: 338
Rating: 5/5

I'm not sure what I would have done if the conclusion to Rick Yancey's 5TH Wave trilogy was disappointing. The first two books were just so spectacularly mind-blowing that I kind of really needed the final book to be nothing short of transcendent. 


Something I've loved throughout this series is that each main character has their own agenda and this really comes into play in the final book. It's not as simplistic as 'good guys' versus 'bad guys'. Or rather 'humans' versus 'aliens.' It's a lot more nuanced than that - characters who think they are on the same side have competing interests or goals which makes for some great conflict. 

Along with delivering an epic, action-packed sci-fi series, Yancey provides some astonishing insight into the human condition. There were some lines that gave me goosebumps, they were so accurate and profound. This isn't a book that you forget about the moment you finish reading it - this is a story that will stay with you. Which is a good thing because it's a story that touches on so many important topics - humanity, love, faith, hope, violence, war, religion, education, and environmentalism. (Just to name a few.) This isn't your average alien invasion yarn. 

And, oh my God, the writing is so gorgeous that I want to have the entire text of all three books tattooed on my body. Rick Yancey is a master of evoking an emotion in the reader with just a few well-chosen phrases. 

I'm sure there are some who would disagree with me but, in my opinion, Yancey made a bold choice in how he ended the series and it paid off. It's an ending that won't please everyone, particularly those inclined towards happy endings that tie everything up in a perfect little bow and make you feel all warm and squishy inside. But I've always argued that a fitting ending is better than a happy one, and I think the ending fit perfectly. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

T5W: Authors I Am Waiting On Another Book From

 Top 5 Wednesday

We all know the agony of waiting for the next book in one of our favorite series or the new release of our favorite author. What's even more frustrating is when you're waiting on the mere announcement by your favorite author of just when they will decide to hurry up and RELEASE A NEW GODDAMNED BOOK ALREADY! 

*takes deep breath* *thinks happy thoughts*

Here are the authors that I wish would announce a new book...sometime in the near future...if it's not too much trouble...pretty please?

Shana Abe is kind of under-the-radar, despite being a New York Times Bestselling Author. I have read every single one of her books and am blown away by her lyrical writing style. It's been two years since she's released a new novel and I am constantly checking her official Facebook page for updates. What's worse is that the last book she released was the second novel in a planned trilogy and I need to know how the series ends! A few months ago she said she was working on book 3 but we haven't seen any updates since.

Kristin Cashore is the author of the highly-acclaimed Graceling series. The last book in the series, Bitterblue, was released back in 2012 and I am just dying for her to release a new book because she's a BRILLIANT AUTHOR! According to her blog, she is writing a new novel and is currently in the revision stage but so far, we have no title, no cover art, and no release date. 

Marie Rutkoski

Marie Rutkoski is the author of one of my new favorite series, The Winners Trilogy. The third and final book, The Winner's Kiss, was just released a few months ago but I am already craving my next hit from this author. (Is it weird to talk about books as if they're drugs? I don't have a problem, I can quit anytime I want!) She does have previously published books that will tide me over until she releases something else but I just want her to ANNOUNCE SOMETHING ALREADY!

Stephen King

It's a bit odd that we don't have any news about upcoming releases from The King. Okay, never mind, I just checked his Goodreads page and it looks like he'll be releasing a collection of essays in October. But I'm not going to count that one because I desperately want a new novel from him, or a collection of short stories. Hell, I'll take just one short story, even a paragraph...JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

J.K. Rowling

Although us Potterheads did technically get a new Harry Potter story just last week, I'm not going to count that one. (I will not go on a rant about Cursed Child, I will not go on a rant about Cursed Child.) While I will love Harry Potter until the day I die and will consume anything that is even remotely connected to the Wizarding World, I would love to see J.K. Rowling do something different. A new children's book, an adult fantasy series, a fairy tale retelling, hell something that has nothing to do with The Boy Who Lived. I believe J.K. Rowling is a gifted storyteller and I think she could continue to write amazing stories for the rest of her life...if only the world would let her.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TTT: Books I'd Buy Right This Second if Someone Handed Me a Fully Loaded Gift Card


Seeing as I have over a 1000 books on my wishlist (I'm not even kidding) it was kind of hard to narrow it down to ten. Somehow I managed by whittling it down to the ten books that are currently at the top of my (very long) wishlist:

In no particular order:

1) The Fireman by Joe Hill
The Fireman

I've yet to read anything by Joe Hill but, considering that he is Stephen King's son, I have a feeling that I'll love his work. I've collected all the books that he's published so far except his latest one, just released this year. It's supposed to be an epic post-apocalyptic novel and I cannot wait to add it to my bookshelf.

2) The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu
The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories

I've seen this book several times during my frequent forays into bookstores and I've been tempted to walk out with it every time. Ken Liu has gotten some serious buzz lately and I'm intrigued to read his collection of short stories. Plus, I love the look of the minimalist cover with the adorable origami tiger.

3) Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff VanderMeer
Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction

I'm an aspiring writer of imaginative fiction. I need this book. Why haven't I bought it yet? Get your sh*t together, self!

4) The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood
The Summer Dragon (The Evertide, #1)


5) Fool's Gold (The Dragon Lords #1) by Jon Hollins
Fool's Gold (The Dragon Lords #1)


6) In the Labyrinth of Drakes (The Memoirs of Lady Trent #4) by Marie Brennan
In the Labyrinth of Drakes (The Memoirs of Lady Trent #4)


7) The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoira #1) by Anthony Ryan
The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria, #1)


8) The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley
The Geek Feminist Revolution

This book is not about dragons but it is about geek culture and feminism, two things that I rate almost as high as dragons. Almost.

9) Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover by Paul Buckley
Classic Penguin: Cover to Cover

Any avid book collector knows that no one beats Penguin when it comes to beautifully designed covers. I'm dying to get my hands on this book so I can revel in the glory of beautiful book covers.

10) Harry Potter Scholastic Box Set by J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter Boxset (Harry Potter, #1-7)

I've collected several Harry Potter sets over the years but I still haven't gotten my hands on a set of the classic Scholastic hardcovers. (I'm Canadian, so we got the British covers.)

What books are you dying to buy? Tell me in the comments below!

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